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December 11, 2018

A year of service to neighbors in need

St. Anthony Center by the numbers


Consider how to spread the Good News of Jesus. How important it is to give personal testimony when asked about the reason for your joy, your sense of purpose, your desire to give.  But before someone would ask, they would need to see it in action.  Many people never darken the doorway of a church.  They didn’t in the day of Christ, either.  Jesus found people in tax collectors’ homes, up in a sycamore tree.  He ate with sinners.  He searched for them where lost sheep tend to gather.

In Over-the-Rhine, we see the Good News in action every day – a stone’s throw from our own Franciscan Motherhouse. It’s happening at St. Anthony Center, developed when the needs of a neighborhood converged with the need to give new life to an old building.

How to re-purpose buildings has become a great industry in many cities.  Perseverance is required to protect the historical nature of the edifice, while making it practical for its present use. Creativity, courage and compassion combined in the creation of St. Anthony Center.  It happened because the warehouses and some of the offices of Franciscan Media were no longer needed after a time of downsizing.

Community activist Tom Klinedinst Jr. knew the situation.  He approached then–Vicar Frank Jasper about using the space to house a number of nonprofits dedicated to serving the poor and homeless.  With a lot of difficult conversations, a movement was born!  After months of zoning discussions, countless revisions of usage plans and more, St. Anthony Center was dedicated a year ago on Dec. 12, 2017.  Sadly, Tom did not live to see his vision brought to life.

This issue of News Notes measures the progress of the center by the number of those who have been helped, and the number of those who have helped them. They remind us that, following Jesus’ own evangelization pattern, we meet people in their need at “soft” entry points.  “Soft” entry points abound at St. Anthony Center, such as providing an inviting meal, offering personal care from head to toe, teaching self-sufficiency though skills like jewelry-making, showing families how to cook, empowering many and helping to restore their dignity.

“Soft” entries such as these are the way most people first experience the compassion of Christ through His joyful followers.  The first witness is to live like Jesus because of what Jesus has done for us.  When I was naked, you clothed Me.  When I was hungry, you gave Me something to eat. Through the ministries happening in this center, you can privately hear Christ tell you these five words:  You did it to Me.

St. Anthony Center

How you can help

Center for Respite Care

(A 24-hour facility providing medical and nursing care to sick homeless people to promote effective healing)


Volunteer:  E-mail  or call 513-621-1868; most needed are help with meal program, pantry and shelf stockers; help with client activities (educational and recreational)

Wish List: Client clothing: loungewear, new underclothes, shower shoes; also, full-size toiletries

Foot Care for the Souls

(Provides foot care, new socks and shoes for those in need)

Donate: Foot Care for the Souls, c/o Brian Tippett, 10304 Peachtree Lane, Cincinnati, OH 45242

Volunteer, Wish List: Contact Gary Short;


Haircuts from the Heart

(Provides haircuts for people who are homeless, elderly, disabled or poor)


Volunteer: Ohio-licensed volunteer stylists or stylists-in-training are needed to assist in the mini-salon or within the mobile program; contact

Mary Magdalen House

(Provides a safe, pleasant place for persons in need to shower, shave, brush their teeth and use a toilet, have clothes laundered, use a phone and receive messages and mail)

Donate: 513-721-4811 or visit

Volunteer:  Jenny Perez, 513-721-4811, or e-mail

Wish List:  Men’s clothing: coats size XL and up; hoodies, all sizes; sweatshirts, XL, 2XL; T-shirts, large, XL, 2XL; pants size 32-34; underwear, size 32-38; socks, belts

St. Francis Seraph Ministries

(Mission: to nurture and nourish the urban poor in mind, body and spirit, empowering them to achieve their full potential)



Wish List:

Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank

(Works with social service agencies to provide diapers to low-income families while raising awareness of the basic health need for diapers)

Donate: www.sweetcheeksdiaper

Volunteer: Visit to sign up online or email to schedule a group.

Wish List: All sizes of Pull-Ups; sizes Newborn, 5, and 6 of regular diapers.

Welcome Home Collaborative, Prince of Peace Lutheran Church

(Provides transitional housing for the homeless, working poor and struggling families by remodeling vacant or distressed properties in inner-city Cincinnati)


Volunteer, Wish List: Contact 513-855-724-HOPE (4673)

Easton fraternity growing

PHOTO BY HENRY BECK, OFMSt. Francis Fraternity in Easton has 39 active members.Nov. 18, St. Francis Fraternity in Easton, Pa., welcomed nine new candidates for formation.

Our Secular Franciscan fraternity here at St. Francis Retreat House is growing. We have been blessed with new members and other veteran Secular Franciscans transferring into our fraternity here. The candidates have been meeting with Tom Caleca, the fraternity’s formator (far left in the photo), as inquirers.  Rosemary Rossner (far right), also helps with new members and their formation.

The new candidates are: Joanne Conley, Kevin Conley, Joyce Farino, Marlene Fisher, Mandy Gero, Konrad Hewitt, Joan Hilstolsky, Andrea Olock, and David Ostile.  In January 2019 we will witness two new members making their OFS profession: Kathy Butchko and Dona-Marie Triandafilou. The fraternity recently lost a long-time member with the death of Mike Nangle, who professed in the fraternity in 1983. Mike served as the group’s treasurer.

Nancy Ann Snyder is minister of the fraternity, which has 39 active members.

Henry Beck, OFM

  • Above, Juniper at the screening; top, a poster for the new documentaryNov. 28 in Houston, Juniper Crouch and Robert Seay joined Secular Franciscans and parishioners at St. Jerome Church for an early screening of Sign of Contradiction, the new documentary on the life of St. Francis. In the film, produced by the Ministry of the Wild Goose and 4PM Media, “They talked about the radical ideas he was bringing about, how the relationship developed between Francis and Clare, which was a little bit out of the ordinary for people at the time,” says Juniper. According to the TOR and Conventual Franciscans who developed Contradiction, “Francis was a man who, like us, searched for purpose and meaning and was often times left empty. It wasn’t until he encountered Jesus Christ that his darkness and confusion were replaced with light and peace.” Juniper’s view: “I thought it was well done.” The showing was sponsored by St. Maximilian Kolbe Fraternity. Screenings are scheduled through:
  • Roger and Marguerite Sullivan are generously sharing their collection of creches from around the world – more than 100 of them – with visitors to the Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land in Washington, D.C. During Advent and Christmas the public is invited to see their collection on display in the Monastery lobby. The Sullivans talk about their love for creches in this video at:
  • Jim Bok with kids who made First Communion“They are wonderful kids. I am a proud pastor!” Jim Bok said of the eight youngsters who made First Communion at Mary, Gate of Heaven Church in Negril, Jamaica, on Nov. 25, the Feast of Christ the King.
  • Creches from around the world, train displays, a Santa collection and a Live Nativity: Once again the complete Christmas experience is unfolding just steps from the Motherhouse in Over-the-Rhine. From 1-7 p.m. daily through Jan. 6, visit some very friendly goats, sheep, a donkey and a mule at a life-size nativity in the courtyard of St. Francis Seraph Church. Wednesday through Sunday through Jan. 1, 2019, take in A Franciscan Christmas, orchestrated by Tim Sucher at Christian Moerlein Brewery, 1621 Moore St. in Over-the-Rhine. Open 4-10 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday, 4-11 p.m. Friday, noon-11 Saturday and 1-6 p.m. Sunday. Donations to support St., Francis Seraph Church and School are welcome.
  • St. Nick in the classroom at St. ClementA major milestone calls for a big celebration. Last weekend Catholics gathered for a Mass marking the Closing of the Jubilee Year of the Diocese of Montego Bay, Jamaica. Video from the Dec. 8 Mass at Blessed Sacrament Cathedral is posted at: Look closely and you may see familiar friar faces.
  • Check out the kids riveted to the scene unfolding in front of them as St. Nicholas and his entourage stopped by St. Clement School in St. Bernard on Dec. 6.

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